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R-Evolution - TV Series and Fashion : Halston, as remembered by Pat Cleveland

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Interview : when you were in his presence,he was so handsome, you could just fall in love with him.he was very handsome.this is pat cleveland, a leading model of the 70swho was very close to the american designer halston. halston is also the hero of the series currently airing on netflixpat cleveland was one of his closest friend, and she tells us about her incredible relationship with this gentleman designer.interview : who was halston really?first, physically, he was very attractive and very present in the way that he hadthis sort of charisma that was a bit mysterious in a way,because the way he spoke and the time he took to think before he spoke,he was always a bit of dreaminess in himthat he just brought that dreaminess down to earth.always surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous girls?his fashion just came from, the love he had for the women around him,he just loved different types of women and he likes "society women" and he likes girls like me that represented whatever it was.and he had one girl for each type of womanthat he felt needed to be beautified becausehe's sort of like a gardener, he had this bouquet of womenand he would just like make us like radiate this beauty just by being around.these are the sleevesthe other part of this outfit is now in on tour, in germany,but these kimono sleeves,and then they just sort of slide down and they just feel very sensuous on you.constantly creating but also a lot of partying?we just were like having fun, we were so young we weren't not thinking "this is history".everybody was justhaving the integrity of creating things because they thought that was the bestthey could do.at the house in new york, 62nd street.and it would be christmas and halston gives us allbig luxurios coats and bags and shoes and boots.and andy warhol would be there giving us drawings and things.and andy gave me this painting, saying "you need money"and so this painting was a dollar sign.and he said : "this is your money".i didn't know it would be worth anything.it was just like we were throwing cardboard at each other.was fashion better before? it was more about the sensation of fashion,to touch someone, to be near them, to feel them, to smell the scent of them,to have the hug of them, to dance with them.now it's about product and numbers and relating to world wide acceptance.at that time, it was more aboutwhat group is going to look better than the other group at the party, no two ladies showing up in the same dress.musique free of right : the big change by maurizio lampugnani (sea breath) artlistwarning : only to be used in the context of the report, covered under the right to information - extracts all right reserved netflix / halston