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Insider Mossi Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2021 : Interview with Mossi Traoré

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More than a fashion label, mossi is also a school of haute couture and a collective that leads various projects for the reintegration of youth in the suburbs. his last show is about movement and travel.interview :mossi traoréthis story that we tell, this collection, is around movement, because today, we live in a society with many movements, between the gilets jaunes (yellow vests), protests and conflicts with the police. but for me, this collection is also a collaboration with a great calligrapher, hassan massoudy, and for him, his art is expressed through his hand, his pen on paper. it also was inspired by the agafay desert. so today, we are going to tell, we will talk about movement and the dancers who, for me, are the best ambassadors to accompany me on this story.i want to sell an accessible dream, that is to say that we want to have a positioning of brands, which will have a positioning price / product / quality, hyper qualitative, hyper accessible. it's one of my goals. it requires a business model and a strategy adapted to it. i am on trend. i also see it through the preservation of know-how, the transmission of know-how, sharing, inclusion, diversity. all this is part of the dna of our project, created to share, to be more than a brand.music from the fashion show (only to be used in the context of the fashion show, covered under the right to information)