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What's Up Special Chanel Spring-Summer 2021

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What's up special chanel spring-summer 2021:a fashion show presented with alimited number of guestswho were welcomed in the immense interior of the grand palaisbefore its next closure.the word chanel installed ason hollywood hill.the creative director virginie viardreveals that she was inspiredby many actress and facesof the housethat make you dream,with the leitmotif of a collection that wants to bejoyful,colourfuland alive.split tweedsilluminated with sequins,flowing dressesprinted with chanel letters,bras,bermuda shorts,asymmetry games,legs revealedand fluorescent colours.the mini bagis wornover the shoulderor on the belt,the veil gently masks the face,and shoeswith small square heelsmake the attitude floweven easier.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)