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Insider: Dior Cruise 2021 parade in the Piazza del Duomo in Lecce

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Dior cruise show 2021presented behind closed doors in the piazza del duomo in the heart of lecce on wednesday 22nd july, lit by the luminaries of marinella senatore.the artistic director maria grazia chiuri, who is very attached to the puglia region, wanted to pay tribute to the local history, culture and know-how by collaborating with many artists such as pietro ruffo who designed the ears of wheat and field flowers that are transposed onto shirts or shorts. nature explodes on the dresses adorned with precious butterfly or flower embroidery perpetuated by marilena sparasci. the waist is highlighted by a large corset belt and fringes decorate the bottom of long skirts. lightness is expressed by the materials used.interview pietro beccari:an huge emotion tonight because everybody gave their last drop of energy in difficult situation, maria grazia, her team, our ateliers, the artisans here in pugglia and all over france and italy that help us to put together an incredible collection of 100 look despite the conditions. so we are very and extremely proud to be the first one to show physically and to have a complet and full collection tonight.interview maria grazia chiuri:this project is tied to my origins and i developed it in a very particular time of our lives, not just of mine. we are a company that works with people across the world, so many people depend on our work. it’s a collective project that involves many people, and i found a great sense of sisterhood and brotherhood among these people who, despite all the difficulties and this general sense of not knowing and not understanding, decided to work with me anyway.music from the show (to use only in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)