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What's Up in Fashion: London Fashion Week

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London fashion weektook place from 12th to 14th june 2020.the first fashion weekthat was completely digital& “no gender”.on a dedicated platform,we saw live interviews, meetings and conversations,in addition to innovative and touching videos from designers.our top 5 are as follows: 1. robyn lynch in a very sincere and moving video,she shows her life in lockdown.we see the dublin-born designer workingon her collection made fromexcess fabrics donated by rapha, a brand specialising in cycling equipment.the result: a singular collectionand new, very successful sweatshirts in knit and nylon patchwork2. marques almeida (voice of marta marques)"i think that’s something we’ve recognised recently by having a family and that becoming a priority. sometimes, the idea of success doesn’t have to mean doing more, it could mean doing someting that’s meaningful"a personal video explaining their approachfor the duo marques almeidawith the creation of a new line called rem’ademade from unused fabric stocksand with the idea of pre-ordered pieces to avoid waste.a real challenge for these portuguese designers based in london,opening the doors of the studio and showing their familyto talk about the future. 3. tiscar espadas more poetictiscar espadas, spanish designer,surprises with his images of a strong aesthetic, very artistic,fluidity both on the body and on material,high waisted trousers, shirts with large sleevesjackets with a very worked collar.a sartorial collection of high quality. 4. xu zhi poetry of a different kind forxuzhi chen for his label xu zhiin his video “prelude” we find characters moving in a virtual city,or men and women just passing by,dressed in basics reworked with sensuality. 5. saint martins school a favourite is the video of the saint martins school that highlightedthe work of its students between mood boards and collages.we can see the creativity and inspirations of future designers.