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Dior Homme : Spring/Summer 2020 Menswear collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: kim joneslocation: a monumental space built on the forecourt of the institut du monde arabe. in this huge white block, a room with benches painted in a pink gradient and a sand-covered podium. letters forming the word dior slightly broken make them appear like rock crystals.collection: kim jones worked with the american artist, daniel arsham, to design this wardrobe inspired by the past, present and future with the idea of exploration worked in with techniques adopted from sculpting. the shapes are flexible, the silhouette is fluid, elegant and refined.the sashes drape inside the jackets or flow out from below them. tulle forms abstract patterns on suits. there are many washed-out shades and fabric techniques used. the lightness of the clothing can be seen on the organza and nylon shirts, as well as trench coats in laminated leather. the designer draws on the history of the dior house and reinterprets it in his own way, through the newspaper print, and classic oblique tailoring of monsieur dior on coats and jackets.note: the collaboration with rimowa, for the aluminium accessories branded with the iconic dior oblique pattern. the saddle bag is molded in silicone by the artist daniel arsham.yoon anh's jewellery has a worn, aged and fragmented look.interviews :kiddy smilei found it very romantic that in the future everything will be pink. then i also loved the fact that for him, there was no more architecture of big buildings. it’s good to get rid of these huge buildings that bother us. this gives us a kind of sense of purity. something i also loved about the collection was that it is as if it is moving with the wind, as for example, the clothes being caught by the wind. yoon ahnthis time for ss20 we did a collaboration with an artist daniel arsham. as you can see, we captured the elegance and the sheerness. then with the jewellery that i have done, i have tried to capture his artworks, piece his texture onto it. i think that with that rough, earthy texture blended in with the sheerness and elegance that kim brought to the fabrication, it was a really good combination and i have done it very elegantly, so we are really happy.lily allen :i thought it was beautiful, i loved all of it, i loved the set, i loved the pink sand and i thought the colour palette for the clothes was amazing. i loved the repeat of the sashes from the last collection that came from the blazer down to the floor – i loved seeing that and i hope that it is going to be his trademark now. kelly osbourne he brings a futuristic take on elegance that i don’t think has ever happened in menswear before.christina riccii think that is what kim is really amazing at – really internalising pop culture and spitting it out in this really elegant form. he really manages to make what is pop “dior” and that is giving it a timeless, elegant sophistication and i don’t know many people who can do that.show music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information).