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Marco de Vincenzo - Women's Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Show in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director: marco de vincenzo collection: a collection that references the designer’s fashion obsessions, his attraction to optical illusion effects, bright materials, lurex, sequins, glitter, colours and ripples..we see some kitsch references, like a bambi fawn earring, broche or handbag. silhouettes are super feminine and glamorous.dresses are fitted at the waist and are warmed up with faux fur shawls. shirts fasten with zips and leather is adorned with ripples for textured skirts. a bustier dress is embellished with feathers.for a more urban allure, skirts are worn with cigarette trousers or a sweatshirt with ribbed edges leaving shoulders bare and enhancing model’s necks.note: the glittery stilettos with socks incorporated on some and the rangers studded with sequins.marco de vincenzo : it’s about me, it’s 100% marco de vincenzo. my obsessions, my approach, my creativity, my instinct, the way i mix fabrics together without being never afraid. and, i don’t know, it’s a celebration of my, it’s like an alphabet of my label.it’s my way to be not afraid by loving ladylike it’s a disruptive ladylike. ladylike is something everybody used in the past to define my style and it’s true i like the lady and my job is to try to make her younger, fresh and i’m very happy. to be happy about a collection is the most important thing the day after and i can defend it because it represents myself.bambi is just a symbol, it’s a, it comes from a little ceramic bambi i brought in the flea market 20 years ago and it’s something very precious for me, that’s why i used it as a bag as the invitation of the, it’s like a, i don’t know, an amuleto (lucky charm) or un portafortuna (good luck charm). music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).