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170 years of modernity for Moynat Trunk Makers!

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With the purchase of the trunk maker, moynat in 2010, lvmh revived the 170-year-old brand. the french label founded in 1849 by pauline moynat has become well known for its luxurious trunks made for the automotive world as well as their custom-made bags. today, the creative director, ramesh nair’s challenge is to capitalise the french know-how of their workshop with detailed models, produced by hand using traditional techniques, reminiscent of the brand’s original products.interview with ramesh nair:the whole aspect for moynat for me was not just a company which sells bags or sells certain products, it was i think first and foremost the big challenge and the big, what do you call, interest for me in this whole thing was to push the french artisanship. i was trying to find words to create what the house of the future would look like, so this was something which i really wanted to incorporate with the fact that we should have new ideas and new techniques coming up regularly. you know it should not be that we are making bags or we’re making trunks and we stick to the past, yes, we have a foot in the past but we have a foot in the future too. you know, we are walking between the two and i think that was interesting at moynat, we discovered leather marquetry which yeah, nobody was doing it at that point of time.there are things like the mini vanity which is a little, simple cubic box, which has got a fantastic stitching technique. i just look at it and i wonder ‘why did people stop making these kinds of things’, because it used to exist in the past, we stopped doing it, so we brought it back into existence ”piqure d’angle” and it was very difficult to find people to do it.the monogram is interesting but for me it always, you know, this represents for me, clothing. it’s something which we wear on top. it was not for me the base of what a bag or a trunk should be. it’s just protection.this year happens to be our 170th anniversary and celebrating the 170th of moynat, it automatically goes to celebrating pauline moynat. so, you can imagine this was 1849 you had a lady who was running a store and she created a label, she created a brand and she created a universe which was extremely masculine, so pauline moynat is “chapeau” as we say.