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Aspesi Presentation - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Milan (with interviews)

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The italian house aspesi founded in 1969, begins a new era. well known in italy, the label is seeking to develop its international market whilst keeping its identity, that is to say a fashion of beautiful materials, timeless cuts and milanese elegance. the basics are reworked to modern taste with affordable pricing. focus: on the trenches, the checked coats with sheepskin collars and the straight buttoned dresses… interview with fabio gnocchi: mr aspeci actually started the company in 1969, himself, doing shirts, ladies shirts, in the beginning and the company has been growing. it’s always been very much linked to the milan clientele, he opened this boutique many many years ago and he’s always been running the company by himself. now, he’s 73 years old and if he wants the company to grow, he needs help, so we decided as a private equity last year to enter and i’m the ceo, i’ve known him for forty years, so we have a very strong relationship together. so we decided to finally start making this company grow worldwide. i’ve been doing this business for 35 years, so i’ve been growing famous brands before so i think now is the time for aspesi to become an important and global brand. aspesi is a product to be touched, definitely, it’s not extremely fashionable, it’s never been fashionable but it’s a timeless product. it’s something that you can really buy and use forever and this is very important but in order to make it commercial, you need every time to evolve the brand, and that’s exactly our intention. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)