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British Fashion Awards 2015

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A new edition of the british fashion awards held at the london coliseum theatre where the most outstanding fashion personalities of 2015 were commended. here are the best extracts. emerging womenswear designer: thomas taitemerging menswear designer: grace wales bonneremerging accessory designer: jordan askillred carpet: tom fordmodel of the year: jourdan dunnoutstanding achievement award: karl lagerfeldcreative campaign: burberryinternational designer: alessandro michele pour guccinew establishment designer: mary katrantzouestablishment designer: erdem brand of the year: stella mccartneyisabella blow award for fashion creator: nick knightaccessory designer: charlotte olympia menswear designer: j.w. andersonwomenswear designer: j.w. andersonthe red carpet ambassador: gwendoline christiebest style of the year: fka twigsspeeches from: jourdann dunn, karl lagerfeld, alessandro michele and jonathan andersonjourdan dunn:to begin the year with a flipping british vogue cover and to end it with this is truly, truly amazing, so thank you so much. karl lagerfeld: here in england i think they have a lot of talent. they are daring, they are never boring and it’s quite exciting and i must say i am flattered that i got this award. thank you so much everybody.alessandro michele: first of all, i would like to say thank you to monsieur francois henri pinault and marco bizzarri they had the courage and the foolish act to appoint an unknown guy, like me as the creative director of one of the most influential fashion houses in the world and they have been so brave to give me the freedom to express my own creativity in the last ten months, thank you. j.w anderson: first of all i used to have a crush on orlando bloom! so that’s challenging first of all. i want to thank designers past present and future which ultimately i get inspiration from. we live in post-modernist fashion and i’m honoured to be on a stage that karl lagerfeld was on, who is my biggest hero and who makes me believe that anything is possible. so thank you everyone for voting for me. music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015