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Erdem Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in London

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Every season, erdem moralioglu chooses an atypical location in central london. this time, the show takes place behind selfridges department store, in a wasteland space covered for the occasion by a red carpet. once again, dresses dominate. mysterious and profound, verging on gothic, they are adorned in black velvet with trademark flower cuttings that transform the organza into lace. these give way to intense golden versions, as if derived from ancient paintings. one of the essential trends from london this season is to add stones and jewellery, a technique used by every in-vogue designer. in his own twist, erdem places these upon simply-cut outfits that are devised in exquisite materials. his work is delicate and meticulous, with each piece become a work of art. flat shoes emphasise this feeling of simplicity and lightness.music from the fashion show