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Opening Ceremony Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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After a mind-blowing debut show last season, opening ceremony comes back with the same energy and this desire to dazzle its audience. the duo of humberto leon and carol lim (also artistic directors of kenzo) love mixing stories and creating different interpretations, blending all this together to produce something original…for next season, it is also a question of technology with research into new materials and new ways of devising clothes, but also food (chocolate flows down a white wall, scenting the entire room) and even alluding to the belgian town of antwerp…all this conjures up an avant-garde wardrobe, infused with the usual hint of sportswear. jackets take on a bomber style, sweatshirts are round and dresses structured, with an asymmetrical play. let’s not forget the 3d prints, deep colours and boots created in collaboration with adidas … a contemporary wardrobe advances into the future…interview:humberto leon:i approach every project that we work on and every show by really thinking about what is happening in the world around us; i think about technology, food, these are all the things that we personally love and so we like to invite people to be a part of this world that we love and it is a really intimate story that we are telling about the collection, it is like a conversation between two people that we are sharing with the world and so it is exciting to see all these expressions come out and really challenging these ideas of the senses, of smell, taste, touch and then technology which is a big part of it.this collection is based on belgium and the importance of antwerp and the fact that it is one of the most important waterways that brought a lot of goods into europe and so this idea of when we were there we were seeing all these boats kind of pushing the water and so all the silhouettes are based on this idea of pushing forward and pushing the water aside and moving ahead.carol lim:we always believe that if that you are going to create a show that it should be a show and that it should be something that people remember and it should be something that people always think ‘did you go to that show with the chocolate?’ or ‘did you go to the show with the car?’ so for us it is really important to create that dialogue and message.music from the fashion show