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Carolina Herrera Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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Carolina herrera celebrates elegance in her own way, adding to this a modern twist for next summer. she gathers this inspiration from kinetic art, pinstripes, geometry and movement. this results in a collection full of lightness, surrounded by silk and chiffon. a bikini is slipped beneath a dress, while embroidery and jewellery is added to shift dresses. karlie kloss opens and closes the show like a goddess while uma thurman, sitting in the front row, who constantly takes picture of the popular models on her phone. carolina herrera: this is all inspired by the kinetic art, by two great venezuelan artists, one is cruz diaz and the other one is … soto who are like the kings of kinetic art and i thought because kinetic is very visual, when you layer one material on top of the other, it creates that visual, multidimensional experience in the fabrics, and because it is so visual, i thought it would be very amusing to do something like that for the 2014 collection and also it’s very feminine because all of the dresses have movement. i love dresses but i love separates also, i very much like to give women the chance to mix their own look and create their own style with the carolina herrera dresses. music free of right : bandit & nikit -2012