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Opening Ceremony Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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You have to see the over-excited crowd gathering in front of pier 57 (a warehouse on the riverbanks) to fully understand the impact of opening ceremony, a label created by humberto leon and carol lim in 2002, who have today become joint artistic directors for kenzo. they decided to showcase their collection for the first time during new york fashion week to present their ready-to-wear line, with a collection that humberto dedicated solely to carol. the show did not disappoint, with cars parked on stage leading the models. on the clothes front, one saw bold prints and colours, but also more sensible silhouettes, with matching ensembles or combinations finished with criss-cross straps and large jackets placed on the back and sleeves. the men’s finale, a label also with a new look, was more sporty and futuristic this time around. humberto leon: we try to make everything a party, we want to have fun with it and we want to invite all our fans and everyone who really has supported opening ceremony and the show was really kind of a note to new york for us. carol lim: it’s our first show; we’ve had our collection for ten years so it was really exciting for us to have a way to show it to everybody. humberto leon: every element is like water and sky and rock and then we have one print that tells the whole story of all the prints. carol lim: these are traditional garments and we wanted to take those elements apart and really have a modern shape to it so it is really all inspired by traditional garments. humberto leon: this was a collection that i really wanted to dedicate to carol so the collection was all about carol and tradition and really infusing all those things into one collection. music from the fashion show