Dirk Bikkembergs - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Milan (with interview)

Couture sportswear flows on the Dirk Bikkemberg runway. True to the label’s DNA, these silhouettes portray the world of sport, particularly skiing but also with references to motorcycling. Colours oscillate between shades of grey and military khaki, illuminated by sunshine yellow and porcelain blue. A handful of female models complete the collection. Fine leather takes the form of a biker jacket and motorcyclist’s trousers that hug the body. Fur is another of these materials savoured for the winter, appearing on jumpers and forming new geometric patterns. Season after season, artistic director Hamish Morrow succeeds in establishing a keen graphic identity inside the Dirk Bikkembergs house.Interview:Hamish Morrow:It is always about a world as well, not just sport, not just luxury, not just casual and not just comfort. This particular season, I focused specifically on two very simple ideas; motorcycles and skiing. Both are sports that involve a lot of speed but they also involve a lot of design technology in terms of the machinery that you need in order to do them. They both involve travelling distance between the city and outside the city and for me, in our modern world where people travel a lot, comfort is absolutely essential.For me, there is no reason to work in Italy if you don’t use the best of what Italy has to offer so we are using fur again and we are using sheepskin and bonded leather which is unlined, really luxurious, really soft and also very casual but also very elegant at the same time.Music from the show

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