Première Vision Fabrics and Yarns shows 'urbanise' exhibitor stands for February edition

From next February, the Parisian textile and yarn trade shows run by Première Vision Paris, PV Fabrics and PV Yarns, will deploy a new exhibitor stand concept, designed to "urbanise the shows and their forums."

The new exhibitor stands for Première Vision Fabrics and Yarns - PVP

The 811 exhibitors at the PV Fabrics show and their 44 counterparts at PV Yarns, both scheduled on 13th-15th February, will benefit from stands with rounded, matt wall panels, notably devised to integrate monitor screens. Lighting will be provided through a system of ultra-streamlined lamp-stands. "The new stands are a unique combination of all of Première Vision's signature values: aesthetic research, use of new technology and environmental awareness," said designer Ora-Ïto, who was commissioned with creating the new exhibition spaces.

The shows' interior make-over will go hand in hand with a reorganisation of their forums and information areas. The central forum, PV Perspectives, will now be aligned with the main entrance of exhibition hall 5. Each of the shows' other themed sections will have its own 'Selection' forum, with the addition of the Tech Focus and Jewel Focus areas in halls 6 and 4.

The forum areas have also been redesigned - PVP

Première Vision Paris will altogether host 1,725 companies, of which 113 are new entries, from about fifty different countries.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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