Fashion and travel exhibition Legendary Trunks on view in Amsterdam

Currently running at Amsterdam’s conference and exhibition center, Beurs van Berlage, is the Louis Vuitton focused exhibition, Legendary Trunks. The show focuses on several generations of Louis Vuitton's work and is independently produced by Nordic Exhibitions. The Swedish private collector, Magnus Malm, donated all featured objects.

Objects featured in Legendary Trunks - The Exhibition - Photo: Legendary Trunks

The exhibition, not to be confused with the Vuitton produced show, consists of more than 300 authentic objects and suitcases from Louis Vuitton. The oldest featured object dates back to the 1850s. Legendary Trunks describes itself as a travel experience, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the production story as well as the history of the iconic Louis Vuitton suitcases.

The exposition brings visitors closer to the secrets of Louis Vuitton and tells stories of adventurers and explorers. The show’s eye-catchers include a suitcase that tells stories of the Titanic; the suitcase of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; and suitcases from the time of the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway.

Stefan Papangelis, CEO of Nordic Exhibitions & Events, said: “We are of course extremely happy and proud of this unique opportunity. The collection we have is completely unique in the world. Our ambition is to create a magical experience for the visitor where stories about the legendary trunks come to life.”

Legendary Trunks is on view until 18 February 2018. Amsterdam is the first city to have the historical pieces from Malm’s collection on view. The organizer stated however that other cities in Europe, the United States and Asia, where the interest in luxury brands is high, are also primary markets for the exhibition. 

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